Un increíble residente del país vecino, Portugal, Tiago Villanueva, nos envía el newsletter del Congreso Virtual de Medicina de Familia en el que descubro que también nuestros ídolos autóctonos tienen cabida…

¡Qué buena forma de empezar la mañana!

“The Human Side of the Virtual Congress”

One of the most rewarding aspects of a conference is that it is a place of encounter and exchange of experiences.

I would thus like to highlight some of the most important functions of scientific events.

Firstly, to meet people always ready to show something new and to feel the pleasant thrill of finding partners with whom to share ideas, experiences and forms of professional and personal scopes of work. Second, to go out to confirm that the problems are similar elsewhere, and those solutions can be found in any unexpected detail. Third, to feel that you are not alone in this world.

There are additional ways to enrich the work and develop scientific knowledge. One of them is to provide not only innovative, but sometimes personal experiences. Another is to render resources to other professionals that can be applied in very different situations, and finally to share feelings and intuitions.

So, what does the congress cater for? Well, any little experience, any idea born with a calling to serve and provide new ways to tackle the problems, as well as new solutions to new challenges awaiting us in the future.

The community of Family Physicians knows how to share the best of itself amidst this contemporary global world and in any of the hundreds of scientific events taking place in our specialty in the world.

New technologies allow us to interact in a virtual way from anywhere, with anyone, making the Internet a space without walls or borders to share experiences and knowledge in an almost unlimited way. However, the challenge of e-medicine is to keep alive the excitement of meeting physically, the thrill to receive and to give, the feeling of belonging to a large scientific community. And this is also the great challenge of the Second Virtual Congress of General Practice & Family Medicine. We count on you and you and you and you all, to ensure that this congress will also be a meeting place and a space to share.

Enrique Gavilán Moral

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  1. Alexandre Gouveia dijo:

    Hola, Raquel!

    Hemos corregido un error en el título del texto de Enrique Gavilán Moral. Lo correcto es “The Human Side of the Virtual Congress”.

    Muchas gracias,


  2. rqgb dijo:

    Gracias!! Corregido 🙂


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