Rural practice: present and future

Banque Vidiella J. (Spain), Gomez Bravo R. (Spain), Schmidt M. (Germany), Wynn-Jones J. (UK), Petrazouli F. (Italy), Lygidakis C. (Italy), Pekez-Pavlisko T. (Croatia)

Aim: Through the differences between GP rural training programs across Europe we explore the need to make guidelines highlighting the keys issues for this special training.

Methods: The great variation in the GP training program has been shown in the systematic review we realized between European countries, from the length of postgraduate medical training (3 to 5 years depending on the country), to the structure and quality of the GP vocational training schemes. Comparing experiences through GPs training questionnaires we realize the needs of improve the rural program.

Results: The evaluation shows the shortage of education in rural practice and the important differences among European countries, also the lacks of stuff, the isolate situation and the hard conditions of working as a rural GP. Using a thought-starter guidelines from Euripa, we try to complement the knowledge and motivate the trainees for develop the postgraduate training.

Conclusions: Rural general practice is a very important part of the GP training and actually discover the kind of real doctor you are. This is the mean reason why a guidelines could be an useful tool to improve the compulsory GP training program. All this issues will be discuss during the Wonca workshop.

Y así cumplimos un año trabajando juntos, de Estambul a Basel, pasando por Creta


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